Aqueous Fowle Live 1974

by Robert Davidson & CP Roth

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The first Aqueous Fowle live experience.

Six sold out shows at Murray Dodge Theatre January 24, 25, 26 1974 recorded live. We don't know if the same people came six times or not.

See the photos:

Poster includes the original classic Bogus Noodle Productions logo in the lower left, created by Jacques Tate


released January 26, 1974

Robert Davidson: Guitar, Paranoid Sam vocals
Chas "Perky" Roth: drums
Joe Bordash: Guitar and lead vocal
Mary Fowle: Vocals
Skip Kennedy: Keyboards, including furniture sized Hammond organ
Joey Napoleon: Bass
Tom "L'alto Goof" Stange: man of many saxes
Smantuis Slate: Bass Clarinet
Jack Clay: Trumpet
Subtractum Roth: Intro
Cathy Blount: Vocals


all rights reserved



Robert Davidson New York, New York

Robert Davidson is a composer, producer, guitarist, lyricist, and keyboarder. Here is a retrospective of a little over 350 of his music compositions in studio and live recordings including collaborations with CP Roth, Aqueous Fowle and others starting from high school including many never heard in a while demos and obscure performances. ... more

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Track Name: Crispy Little Bumps
Crispy Little Bumps

©1972 by Robert Davidson

Glad to meet you and your name
Too bad you are just the same
You say there's been nothing like you before
We've heard that story before

You wait to sleep and dance to walk a ritual
You yell and scream this is not true you're an individual
Your ways are very special
Only you can understand them

Don't strain to prove your point
Just light another joint
You know your head you know your hip, your cool
Individuals can can break all rules
The deeper you go the sooner you find the fools

You think you are so mystic
But you’e not realistic
Your whole life will be wasted
From the part that you have tasted
Your ways are no fun
Move onto the next one
You know you can't have won...

Must it always be this way

A junky’s life so glamorous
Just right for you

The world between her ears
Is the only world that she knows
Track Name: Paranoid Sam
The Legend of Paranoid Sam

©1974, 2013 by Robert Davidson

Paranoid Sam eats his breakfast
It was the only spam could understand
And in the bar he was an outlaw
Stolen a lady's heart that was just the start

He awoke and found her gone
Was it just a dream
what had he done wrong
His leather lady had moved on

Paranoid Sam left empty-handed
To search far and wide
For his almost bride
But she had turned to that man in the sky
No reply when Sam gave the eye

He said: “I don't care if you're the cleanest Jesus freak in Tennessee”
Why don't you come on back with me?

Paranoid Sam electric cowboy
Should be in a Memphis jail but he just jumping bail
The judge and said he was an outlaw
Stealing all ladies heart
That was just the start

He had run to Santa Fe
To sing and play
To earn his way
To the big time back in LA

And on the coast he found a
Spanish girl buried under the sand
His leather lady seen all that she could stand

And now
Paranoid Sand eats his breakfast
It was the only spam he could understand
And everyone goes downtown to see him
With his bland country band
You could never stand
With his bland country band
He could stand
Track Name: The Moon Was Nice
Lyrics are a poem by Howard O.
Track Name: The Worming of Dawn
The Worming of Dawn

Music ©1973, 2013 by Robert Davidson
Lyrics ©1973, 2013 by Robert Davidson & CP Roth

Happiness cries to you if you settle down
Into this life of insanity caressing humanity
No one was sure if there was a ever a cure
for personality lost if suicide was the cost, and asks

Is living so hip
Is death another cheap trip
To get us through the Worming of Dawn

Tony was cool
He said he’s nobody’s fool
But he was fooling himself
To think that somebody else
Would take the time to review
Just was happening to
Her man was nearing the lie
Moving to mindfulness shrines

Asks is living so hip
Is Tony’s life a cheap trip
To get us through the Worming of Dawn
Through the Worming of Dawn

Life is just a flurry of fits as I
Watch my lover’s mind fly to bits, is it
Worth my time for feeling like this?
After I am dead and gone they’ll see
What a tool they made of me
Driving me to their insanity

An orange medallion
A flame for your kind
Wrestling with hatred
And a past of nightmares left behind

Fools shouting orders
Striped with disbelief
Your wings have grown from Saturn
Rise from deepest shadows of conceit

Followed a road of complete unknown
Lessons taking time
As the clocks unwind
A vision of the bastard lie
Following the road of complete unknown
And living brings the final moan
Track Name: The Only Bean in My Garden
The Only Bean in My Garden

©1973 by Robert Davidson

I don’t want to say
You’re the Only Bean in My Garden
But you're the only one I’ve seen
And you’re the girl above the dirt in my mind
It makes me think just where you’ve been

And what will I say
To you on the lake
With the beans I can bake
The beans I can take

And when I look into your vegetables eyes
I wait around for your next surprise
And then you jump into your fast shiny car
You drive away I won’t let you get very far

“cos when I saw you on the Heniz depot, I said....

Gotta look gotta see gotta find
Gotta make this bean, part of mine
Gotta take the longest road
Find out why she never showed

I don’t want to say
You’re the Only Bean in My Garden
But you're the only one I’ve seen
And you’re the girl above the dirt in my mind
It makes me think just where you’ve been
Just where you’ve been...
Just where you’ve been...
Track Name: You're Beat
You’re Beat

Music & Lyrics ©1974 by Robert Davidson

What’s on the radio?
It’s so exciting
And you can hear it for free
But you left it alone
Now you’re out on your own

You left your life at home
It’s kinda frightening
There goes your Saturday
You’re Beat!
You came to hear Aqueous Fowle play

Now we paid our debts
It’s all over
and now you’ll holler and howl
You’re Beat!
You spent your whole night with Aqueous Fowle.