Toothy All White

from by Robert Davidson

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Synopsis: A girl wants to get a boyfriend and the boy doesn't want to be her boyfriend, and she tries all kinds of things and nothing works and then she uses Toothy All-White Toothpaste and then he wants her, but she doesn't want him. Inspired by MC Escher's stuff turning into other stuff while other stuff is turing into stuff and also just the way life is.


Music & lyrics ©1975, 2013 by Robert Davidson

He: I want to live
She: I want to dye
He: in Omaha
She: my hair streaked blonde
He: where I can be
She: or instead
He: alone with me
She: I’ll tint
He: no misery
She: it red
He: ‘cos I’ve seen too much suffering in this city
She: I’ll get new clothes
He: Who really needs electricity
She: and change toothpaste
He: They did well without it in history
She: to new Toothy All-White

He: And I’m leaving
She: I’m doing
HE: and I’ll tell you why
She: all of this and
He: I’m leaving here now
She: I’ll tell you why

He: There was this girl
She: You see there is this guy
He: who followed me
She: So dignified
He: Where did I go
She: I know
He: She’d always know
She: he’s right
He:She tried to find me
She: for me

He: Find out where is the house I’m living in
She: Oh, where is he living?
He: She’s trying to find me but she never wins
She: I am always trying
He: And that accounts for the shape I’m in
She: to find him

He: But I’m leaving
She: But now with
He: And I’ll tell you
She: Toothy All-White
He: That I’m leaving you now
She: I’ll capture him

(She Brushes her teeth with Toothy All-White)

She: I’m done! Now I’m ready!
He: Who’s that girl with the...teeth??

He: How do you do!
I’ve tried to find you
I never knew, it’s really true
You really want me??

She: Don’t worry I know
He: You should have told...
She: I was too afraid to let you really know
but I’m glad that you let it show

He: Well I’m in love with
She: It never
He: I’m in love with
She: will fail
He: I’m in love with you
She: It’s Toothy All-White!


She: Now there’s this guy
He: What can I do?
She: Who follows me
He: Because there's no one who
She: He’s such a pest
He: Can compete
She: I need a rest
He: or compare with ... a....
She: I just detest him
So I think that I’ll move out to Omaha
He: Toothy All-White Girl
She: And buy me a house that he never saw
He: I know that house
She: and then I will go in and
He: and I’ve got the key
She: lock the door

He: But I’m in love with
She: I hate it!
He: I’m in love with
She: Toothy All-White
He: I’m in love with you
She: It bothers me.

He: Yes I’m in love with
She: I hate it!
He: I’m in love with
She: Toothy All-White
He: I’m in love with you
She: You bother me.


from Summer Intime Cabaret, released August 25, 1976
Featuring Bob Cohen & Denise
Music & Lyrics ©1975, 2013 by Robert Davidson


all rights reserved



Robert Davidson New York, New York

Robert Davidson is a composer, producer, guitarist, lyricist, and keyboarder. Here is a retrospective of a little over 350 of his music compositions in studio and live recordings including collaborations with CP Roth, Aqueous Fowle and others starting from high school including many never heard in a while demos and obscure performances. ... more

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